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Traveling with friends, family or a group of like-minded people can be extremely fun – but planning it can be very stressful and cause tension. Anyone who has tried to organize a group knows the task can be daunting. While there is no way to totally eliminate the stress, we can certainly help with the travel details!

There are so many ways to experience the world. Is your group looking for adventure, history, exploration, water activities or epicurean and wine delights? Are you interested in a land tour or a cruise? Traveling as a group offers the opportunity to take advantage of group discounts, complimentary rooms, upgrades and other amenities.

Spend less time organizing your trip. We’re ready to customize your day-to-day itinerary, whether your group is a social club, school, religious organization or just friends and family who like to travel together. We will prepare recommendations based on your group’s interests including specials and promotions from select suppliers.

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